Serving Wicket Resources from CDN

This post is short but still just amazing. Now it’s possible to serve Wicket resources from CDNs supporting custom orgins within just a few minutes (at least if you are already using wicketstuff-merged-resources). First of all, you’ll need the latest version (3.1-alpha-1) of wicketstuff-merged-resources (which is now available from Maven Central!).
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wicketstuff-merged-resources: 2.1 and 3.0 released!

I’m happy to announce the releases of wicketstuff-merged-resources 2.1 and 3.0.

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Wicket: Annotation-based Mounting of Resources

Today, I’m happy to announce the availability of annotation-based mounting and merging of resources in wicketstuff-merged-resources (version 3.0-SNAPSHOT for Wicket 1.4, version 2.1-SNAPSHOT for Wicket 1.3). In order to mount resources, all that’s needed is adding annotations to component classes:

@CssContribution(media = "print")
@ResourceContribution(value = "accept.png", path = "/img/accept.png")
public class PanelOne extends Panel {
    public PanelOne(String id) {
        // ...

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wicketstuff-merged-resources: New (much simpler) Version

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here. Nevertheless, I’ve been busy working on some (yet to be released) Open Source projects. Others are already released but not documented/promoted yet. One of these unpromoted releases is the new version of wicketstuff-merged-resources.  wicketstuff-merged-resources was the result of my “Wicket Interface Speed-up” series where I investigate how to reduce time spent rendering Wicket pages on the client side. wicketstuff-merged-resources has two main purposes: reducing the number of HTTP requests by merging resources (i.e. JS and CSS files) and enabling aggressive caching (up to a year) by adding a version number to mounted resources (e.g. /css/all-42.css instead of /css/all.css). While wicket has the option to add a timestamp to references (something like /css/all.css?t=20090924), adding the version to the name is preferred over adding a query string. This said, let’s see how to use wicketstuff-merged-resources’ new version. Read the rest of this entry »