Talk On Tech now Molindo Techblog

January 23rd, 2009 by  |  Published in Compass, SVN, Wicket, Wordpress

Talk On Tech ( – the tech blog you truly love, don’t you?) was our nice, green home since August 2007. Now, after 1.5 years it was time to move on … Well, okay, we just want to consolidate all our blogs on a single self-hosted platform. In the course of doing that, we also changed the name from Talk on Tech (Let’s create a blog! How do we name it? What about “Talk on Tech”? Yeah, that name is free!) to Molindo Techblog (where Molindo is the name of our very own startup).

If it comes to new posts, We have a lot of ideas but not enough time to elaborate them all. Some ideas are:

  • An easy to use Wicket component for advanced Google Analytics (Outgoing link tracking, search tracking, AJAX events tracking, user defined variables, …)
  • Faster batch indexing for Compass
  • Managing Subversion user access privileges with Drupal – and probably how to move to WordPress afterwards 😉
  • Wicket Blueprint integration
  • How to apply some on-site SEO with a little help of Wicket
  • Unleashing the full power of Wicket with Cometd using wicketstuff-dojo-1.1 and loose coupling of components.

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