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Virtual WordPress Hosts Made Easy (obsolete)

Currently, we are planing to consolidate all our blogs that we (quite carelessly) created all over the internet. At the moment, we have

  • three blogs hosted on Blogger (1, 2, 3)
  • two blogs running on their own WordPress (1, 2)
  • three private blogs running on Blogger and Serendipity
  • and one or two new ones to come

All in all, there’s quite a bit of blogging going on 🙂

Yesterday, I was looking into solutions on how to host all those blogs on a single installation of WordPress.
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Wicket: A Neat Url Encoding Strategy and some basic SEO

After a year of working extensively with Apache Wicket I want to share some stuff I’ve been using over and over again and might be useful for you as well. In this first post it’s a custom URL Encoding Strategy and some related basic SEO.

Pages often depend on entities – e.g. a Customer or a product and as those pages should be bookmarkable as well, there has to be a unique way to tell the page which entity to use. As entities either don’t have unique names or one wants to avoid having an (database) index over the name column, the index-ID is for most applications the way to go. As it’s usually undesireable to expose the database ID of an entity in the URL, it has to be encoded and decoded somehow to get from to … or something like that.
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